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I am a native English speaker from London where I am currently based twinned with Berlin, Germany.

With today's commercial and fast paced production platforms, I am committed to offering clients the most effective 

delivery. Providing an understanding and applying the direct approach is important and I work with clarity in giving the client / listener the correct message that you wish to convey.

I can meet your project with versatility in style and can always approach and adapt to your material with much flexibility. Having worked with many companies and clients internationally on various projects, I have attained valuable experience to deliver ideas with many various styles.  Recording services I offer are:

I offer script writing services for Commercial and Corporate use also. 

For further information or sample requests please feel free to contact me. 

I am happy to collaborate on projects and ideas at any time or any place.

Please contact and I will reply to you very quickly.

* Own recording access with high quality microphones.

* No extra add-on fees.

* Always available to discuss your project in detail at any time.

* Flexibile project rates - Always willing to discuss budget alternatives.

* Quick turnarounds guaranteed.

* 24 hour service - You can receive your recorded project on time wherever your location.

* Happy to travel to all recording locations internationally if necessary.

International Banking transaction payments accepted.

I am working for International clients also with Carpe Diem studios in Appenweier, Germany. 


A reliable and fast effective company who can deliver quality voice over with satisfaction.

For all project enquiries please contact  Carpe Diem Studios - Stimmenkartei  or directly to me using the contact button.




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